Customers currently trying to access to manage their VMs will currently find the site is unavailable. The issue is isolated to the portal only and does not affect the underlying customer environments.

Engineers are currently working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

22:10 – The issue’s have now been resolved and full access to the portal has been restored

On Sunday 23rd October 2016 Node4 engineers will be carrying out planned maintenance on the Storage subsystem hosting the cloud platform in DC4 Northampton Datacentre.

Maintenance Window:

23/10/2016 14:00 – 23/10/2016 18:00


There should be no downtime during the process of upgrading the storage operating system.

During the process of the upgrade redundancy will be lost during the process, so please consider the platform to be at risk for the duration of the upgrade process.

Time Line (estimated):

14:00 Engineers will begin preparations for the storage system upgrade

15:00 The Storage system upgrade will begin

18:00 The Storage system upgrade will be finished


19:15 – The upgrade of the Netapp filer completed successfully at 18:45.  No issues with the upgrade was experienced however the may have been some incidents of latency during the upgrade as services were failed over.


Maintenance Tracker:

00:30 engineers on site have moved traffic away from the router.

01:00 work commencing more updated to follow

01:53 10Gb connectivty has been restored, however issue’s with the secondary routing engine have meant we haven’t brought back traffic yet, engineers are currently working on a fix.

02:23 Backup RE has been recovered from corrupted state, bringing up all connectivity

02:44 Connectivity should be restored, post maintenance checks underway, routing will shortly be restored to normal service

02:55 Normal service has been restored, any issue’s please contact N4 Support

On 22/09/16 one of the two core routers within the Northampton Data Centre core dumped. This incident has been under investigation with vendor TAC, who have now recommended that the router be replaced. Engineers will carry out maintenance to replace the router on Sunday 23rd October at 01:00. Customers with services directly connected to this router will be directly affected by the this maintenance unless they have resilient connectivity.

Maintenance Window:

23/10/15 00:30 – 04:00 BST


Customers will services directly connected to the router will lose connectivity for the duration of the replacement of the router (expected to be less than 30 minutes)

All DC-4 services – Centralised Internet Breakout, ConnectMPLS / L3VPNs, POPI / L2VPNs, cloud services – will be “at risk” for the maintenance window

All Node4 service – Some resiliency will be lost during this maintenance, and re-routing may result in some transient routing changes – all services will be deemed “at risk” for the maintenance window

Time line (estimated):

00:30 Engineers will manipulate link costs to route traffic away from the router (non service affecting)

01:00 Router will be shutdown and removed from the rack (service affecting)

01:20 Replace router will be install, cables connected and powered on

01:30 Post installation testing will commence (service restored)

01:50 Post installation testing will complete

02:00 Engineers will update link costs to route traffic through the router (non service affecting)

02:05 Final checks will commence

02:30 Finish

03:00 Maintenance window complete


Updates will be posted to during the maintenance window.

Customers directly affected will be notified via a support ticket by 5pm on Thursday


On Sunday  16th October 2016 Node4 engineers will be performing scheduled emergency maintenance on the Northampton ACI Cloud platform

The is routine security patch management and therefore we expect no service disruption

The emergency maintenance will begin at 20:00 and the platform will be deemed “At Risk” until Sunday  16th October 11:30pm



The maintenance has been completed without any issues.



Engineers will be performing essential maintenance on the primary circuit which provides connectivity between Node4’s network and BT’s Wholesale Broadband network. Traffic will be gracefully migrated to the secondary circuit during the maintenance, which is estimated to take no longer than 10 minutes. Once maintenance is complete traffic will be moved back to the primary circuit.

Although we do not expect any service interruption DSL Services will be “at risk” for the maintenance window.

Node4 Network Team


13/10/16 09:00 – This work was successfully completed without any service interruption


Currently, there is an issue with some management agents in the Wakefield Cloud platform.

This will affect customers ability to manage and view their VM’s located in Wakefield.

Node4 engineers are investigating and updates will be provided as they are available.


Update :


Management agents are now performing as expected and access restored. We don’t expect any further issues of this type, but will continue to monitor through the rest of the evening.

On Tuesday 11th October starting 19:00 Node4 will be performing maintenance on our Helpdesk offering which will involve a period of downtime and the target completion time is 21:00 on Tuesday 11th October.

During the maintenance will be unavailable

During this time our preferred method of contact is by telephone on 0845 123 2229.



Tuesday 11th October – 21:00 – Maintenance is now complete

Node4 monitoring systems have alerted to potential issues with Northampton N4cloud network infrastructure,

Cloud services for a limited number of customers may be experiencing some issues,

Node4 engineers are investigating and updates will be provided as they are available.




11:55 BST – All issues are believed to be resolved, engineers are still investigating the cause. Customers are advised to raise support tickets for any issues experienced.

Update 22:30 – This maintenance has been completed sucessfully


Node4 engineers have identified a potential cable fault with an uplink to MPLS access infrastructure servicing customers terminating on MPLS PE switch terminating in DC3 H1.

As a result engineers will be performing emergency maintenance to replace the affected cable.

Customers with standard internet breakout will not be affected by this maintineance (non-BGP). Cloud customers will also not be affected by this work.


Services should be considered “At Risk” for the full duration of the below maintenance window.

Downtime to this should be minimal while this is replaced a 2-3min window during 22:00 – 22:30 BST.

At Risk – 5th October 2016 22:00 – 22:30 BST

Our Network Operations Engineers will closely monitor the work and will do everything possible to minimise any inconvenience to you. If you have any problems with your connection after this time, or if you have any questions regarding the maintenance at any point, please call Technical Support at or visit

While it is important for Node4 to perform maintenance such as this to ensure the quality of our network, we do everything possible to minimise any inconvenience to our customers. We appreciate your patience and welcome any feedback.


Node4 Technical Support

Node4 have experienced instabilities within the core network affecting servicing including MPLS and internet transit. Engineers are currently investigating.

Update 22/08/16 19:19 – Engineers have identified the root cause.  A software failure/crash on a core router (core dump). No changes where being made to the router at the time. This will be escalated to vendor TAC for further investigation. This router has been in operation without issue for several months, therefore we expect this to be a single occurrence however we will take advise from TAC on the next course of action.